Hi, I’m Malynn.

Thanks for reading these words I’ve typed out.

They are from my heart and from the depths of my personal time with the Lord. Not everyone likes the name of this blog. People have told me “we’ve been perfected through Christ and made whole.” I agree. This name represents my own journey to realize that. My own words to remind me when I feel inadequate and insecure. David knew to encourage himself in the Lord. Psalms was full of his own encouragement and vulnerability. This blog is too. My prayer has always been to encourage and draw you into the presence of our Almighty God. My prayer has always been that these words cause people to open up dusty bibles, step foot into a church they haven’t been to in awhile (if ever), and most importantly that it makes people realize God is real and he can transform lives.

I started this blog in 2017. I was the not so techy blogger. I’m from a small town in North Florida. I grew up on a quiet farm listening to the hum of a tractor and the smell of cows. From the time I was 18 I have had a strong desire to share the love of Christ with others. I’ve served in different areas of my local church, but you will mostly find me leading worship on Sundays. I’ve even sang at tent revivals and prayed for people on the streets.

This ministry has been my favorite. God whispered to me one night around 2013 that I would have a blog. I started the year I became best friends with my now husband. He taught me how to make graphics and even how to build this website. Through our friendship and the way I admired his love for Christ, I fell absolutely in love with him. We got married in 2018 and have beautiful son named Nathan.

We’ve recently started a Nonprofit Ministry called The God Speaks Network. We host conferences quarterly and are building an online network of believers who want to grow in their walk with God. The vision behind it is to help people hear the voice of the Lord for themself and to read the bible for themselves. We are excited for how this will bring the body of Christ closer and people deeper. You can follow our journey at GodSpeaksNetwork.com

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